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“ Lux in tenebris “ (Light in the darkness)

The aim and objective of SFCS is impart and instill all round education based on spiritual values and to develop our students to be:-

Morally uprights.
Intellectually illumined.
Socially concerned.
Nationally conscious and appreciative.
Emotionally Balanced.
Physically Developed.
Capable of loving and serving their fellow men.

Thus St. Francis Convent Senior Secondary School  by its special and educational aims at making its own contribution towards a radical transformation of the present social conditions. So that the principle of social justice, equality of opportunity, genuine freedom and respect for the religious, cultural and moral values enshrined in the constitution of India may prevail and the possibility of living a fully human existence may be opened to all by removing the darkness from the minds of every students.


The mission of the School is to provide and integrate overall development of the child, to promote empowerment in society through education to contribute locally, nationally and internationally.
We believe that teachers are strategists of change, working in partnership with society to channelize the youth power into something productive. We are committed to prepare the students, in a way that they are able to understand the dynamics of problematic situations and to identify the strengths and resources in individuals, families and communities that offer the best hope of solutions.
Our school is dedicated in the ongoing struggle against discrimination and oppression. The School supports innovation and excellence in the service of building intellectual youth.

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