Class UKG

ENGLISH Book: English Pre - Primer by Versatile Publication , Written: Book pages 3 to 17 Vowels , Use of a/an , Sound of A , Sound of E , Fruits Name Dictation words continue..

Class 10

Class X- History and Civics Chapter 1 (history) Question 1 What is the nature of the revolt of 1857 Answer: According to british point of view it was sepoys’ mutiny but according to indian nationalists it was first war of independence. Quetion 2 Why was the revolt os 1857 hailed as first war of independence? continue..

Class 9

Class IX Computer Applications Chapter 1 Elementary Concenpt of Objects and Classes 1. What is an object? An obeject is an indentifiable entity with some characteristic and behaviours. A software object is a software unit of related variables and methods. 2. What is a class? A class is a group of objects that share common properties, relationships and behavior. A class is defined using the keyword ‘class’ continue..

Class 8

3. Hypertonic 4. Low, higher 5. Carrier proteins 6. Tracheids, vessels 7. Phloem 8. Phloem fibre 9. Transpiration 10. Lenticels, cuticle 11. Calcium 12. Iron, nitrogen B. Choose the correct option continue..

class 7

CLASS –7(Physics) CHAPTER –1 . Physical QuantitiesE. Numerical Problem:Ans 10.L=10cmB=6cmH=4cmVolume=LxBxH=10x6x4=240cm3Ans 11.Side=10cmArea of square=SidexSide=10x10=100cm2Thikness=2cmVolume=Area x thikness =100x2=200cm3Ans 12. continue..

class 6

Class -6English Reader Chapter –1Part -DThink and answer1ans. The Jungle life was very organised . There were proper rules for eating, hunting and talking with other species . There were rules for what to do and what not to do. 2 ans. Yes, the animal shared a friendly and loving relationship with Mowgli because Mowgli followed the rules of animals . He lived the same way as other animals lived. Word study continue..

class 5

Class -5Maths Ex 1.1a 32,54,46,575b 90,00,37,636c. 8,47,17,238d. 18,88,47,6462. Write the following in words.a. Twenty one crore forty seven lakh eight thousand three hundred seventy fiveb seven crore forty five lakhsixty seven thousand seven hundred forty ninec. Eighteen crore forty four lakh twenty eight thousand forty eightd. Forty one crore thirty four lakh seven3. Write in figurea 9,70,16,050b70,62,80,014 continue..

class 4

Class 4 -G.Sci-Ch-7Ex. 1 Tick the correct optionsa. 78% nitrogenb. Oxygenc. burn leavesd. Carbon dioxideEx. 2 Fill in the blanksa. Asthma and bronchitisb. 21%c. Oxygend. Aire. Carbon dioxideEx. 3 True/Falsea. Falseb. Falsec. Trued. Falsee. TrueEx. 4 Answer the following questionsa. Humidity-The amount of water vapour present in the air.Atmosphere -The blanket of air that surrounds the earth.Air pressure -The pressure exerted by air on everything.Air pollution -The unwanted things present in the air causes air pollution continue..

class 3

Class 3English grammar ch-2 kinds of sentences A.Readthe following and write types:1 Interrogative sentence 2.Assertive sentence 3.Exclamatory sentence 4.Assertive sentence 5.Imperative sentence 6.Interrogative sentence 7.Interrogativd sentence 8.Assertive sentence 9.Imperative sentence 10.Exclamatory sentence B.Put correct punctuation at the end continue..

class 2

Class –2 EVSChapter –4Healthy Food, Healthy BodyA.Fill ups1. Energy2. plants and animals3. rice and wheat4. Protective5. junkB. Tick the correct answer1. a) healthy food2. b) carrot3.a) cucumber4.c) vegetables continue..

class 1

Syllabus For Class 1 Class-1 st maths. Chapter-2 nd Pg-10 1.ones 2.tens 3.tens 4.ones 5.ones 6.tens Pg-12 Q1 3.9ones or 9 4.0ones or 0 5.5tens or 50 6. 4ones or 4 7.8tens or 80 Pg-13 Q1. 2 tens + 8 ones continue..


1. Small Alphabets a to z 2. Missing letter a to z 3. Match capital letters to small letters 4. Vowels 5. Picture name 6. Dictation words continue..


CLASS NURSERY ENGLISH (ORAL) CLASS NURSERY ENGLISH (WRITTEN) Book: Get ready for Numbers 1-50 Pub: Unity International continue..