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The world is changing rapidly. New discoveries, inventions and algorithms continue to take society in new direction. Bringing computers to the class help ensure that students are ready for the world ahead. Computers are preparatory tools for the future. The school has well furnished computer lab to crop up the students with the changing technology. Computer is taught as compulsory subject from 1st to 10th Standard.


Globalizing has led to closer interaction among people belonging to different linguistic communities. Amidst them, English has emerged as an international and intra- international link language. Therefore students need to equip themselves with strong language skills. The school has developed a curriculum covering this aspect of learning which aims at enhancing language competence of students to enable them to use this language effectively.


It goes without saying that a library is the soul of a school. This school has a well stocked library, which is housed in a large, properly ventilated, well lit and well furnished hall with comfortable furniture. The school subscribes regularly a large number of journals, magazine and newspapers to broaden the mental horizon of its students.



It is fully multimedia enable audio video classroom. It is an innovative idea to change our traditional system into a new smart and creative system of teaching learning activities. Smart classes use all the interactive methods of teaching became appealing to the students. We all know how helpful it is to remember something that is taught visually to us rather than the one that is read through pages after pages. Teacher can use resource available on internet for better understanding of students. The school proudly boasts of being equipped with smart classes, a facility available in very few schools.


Academic studies and co-curricular activities are given equal importance in our school. The school provides opportunity to participate in debate competitions, dance programme, symposium, singing, drawing, painting and various sports games. Opportunities are provided for inter school and interstate competition. A highly qualified group of staff with total dedication and commitment for the welfare of the children are available to supervise the progress of the children and facilitate the progress of learning at St. Francis Convent School.

ART & CRAFT (S.U.P.W) : -

Children learn more through doing than seeing of listening. The compulsory subject of socially useful productive works (SUPW), instill in them creativity and provides opportunities to discover and develop the dormant talents in them.


Sound Body Carries Sound mind. To keep the students fit and flexible, the school provides the students with P.T display and other sports activates


Karate classes are the ultimate combination of a total body workout and self developments program that techs life saving self defence skill. The unique combination of strenuous mental and physical training helps individuals perfume better in every aspect of life. The school provides the facility of martial art classes to students to hone their self defence skill.


Roller skating is the perfect way to combine fitness with fun. Roller Skating is an entertaining way to increase muscular strength and cardio – respiration endurance. It is great for improving strength, balance, agility, coordination and flexibility.