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“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; It’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time”. DAVID ALLAN COE


St. Francis Convent Senior Secondary School, Dera Baba Nanak is a premier and well acclaimed institution in the whole of Gurdaspur district, Punjab. The school has a rich history which dates back to the year 1992 and has grown leaps and bounds since its inception. The history of St. Francis Convent Senior Secondary School is relatively long and colourful. The noble idea of establishing a Convent School at Dera Baba Nanak at the Indo-Pak border was first conceived in the mind of Rt. Rev. Dr. Symphorian Keeprath, the Bishop of Jalandhar Diocese, Our Patron. This School is the outcome of his yearlong dedication and hard work.
On 21st March 1992, his Excellency declared the opening of school and blessed the school building very same day. St. Francis Convent Senior Secondary School opened its doors with an enrollment of 85 students from a humble beginning; it is growing by the grace of God, to a big tree which gives shade and comfort to numerous people in and around DBN.


St. Francis Convent Senior Secondary School is one of the significant Institution operating under Jalandhar Diocese. The school has the affiliation from ICSE board Delhi. The school follows the ICSE curriculum. It is an English Medium School and the use of English as a medium of conversation is highly stressed. It is a co-education school up to 10th standard, it is open to the students of all caste and creed and holds up to them the motto:”SCIRE ET AMARE” (TO LEARN AND TO LOVE). Although it is a Christian minority school, every student is encouraged to practice his/her religion. The Holy cause was initiated with little infrastructure which now has been transformed into a fully fledged School which is consistently ranked among top schools in the vicinity.
For the general administration and management of the educational institutions of the Diocese of Jalandhar ‘Diocesan Board of Education’ has been constituted. All the educational, managerial and administrative policies are made by this board in consultation with the Directors and Principals, who are the overall in-charges of the educational institution in a particular place concerned.
Under the supervision of Jalandhar Diocese, St. Francis Convent Senior Secondary School holds a great vision of promoting education among the less privileged and in the remote villages of border line where educational right of people is neglected due to many reasons. St. Francis Convent School attempts in its very optimistic approach to further the progress of our nation, which is possible only if it’s all citizens are freed from the bondages of ignorance.
At the St. Francis Convent Senior Secondary School, educators work to investigate study and disseminate knowledge to bridge the gap between the classroom and outer world in which students finally practice.


Since inception the school has operated upon a standardized pattern of official rules, regulations, culture and traditions which are till date being followed in letter and spirit.
A bright day at the school begins with being one with the God and remembering His grace through the morning prayers. There is solemnity and grace in the assembly, which aims at focusing the student’s minds towards progressive learning throughout the day. It is a gathering for conduct of variety of literary activities encompassing inspiration, education, awareness, motivation, spiritualism and nationalism. Broadly, these activities include optimistic thoughts, news, speech, pledge and national anthem.
The School impresses upon imparting every knowledge and awareness aspect to every student equally. To implement this factor, a system of random division of students into small groups was devised which was commonly termed as Houses. The whole school is divided into four houses namely-blue, green, red and yellow. Each house is assigned the responsibility to maintain the school discipline for a particular month. With a view to develop the quality of leadership and promote a healthy competition among the students, all the activities are organized on house basis. The school participates and conducts the Inter school and Intra- school competitions to enhance the quality of the students.
The overall conduct of co-curricular activities was planned keeping in mind the multidimensional development of the students. For this the school features several activities such as student council, debate, elocution, quiz, drawing, dancing, singing, band, games and sports.
Functions and cerebrations add to the colour of the school education. They provide an opportunity to the talents and work as a catalyst .Annual Cultural Day, the national days and different religious festivals are celebrated meaningfully to inculcate the patriotic and secular feeling among the students.
During the formative years of school, rigrous efforts were made by the school authorities to bridge the communication gap between the teachers and parents, hence the mechanism of monthly parents teachers meeting was started, which is being followed till date.


Historically, the School started with scratch and now has grown manifold in every field of academic excellence broadly, improvement in overall standards of students, teachers, community, people and the area as whole. To cater for the growing popularity of school and admission of students from far flung areas buses were made operational. To match up the growing demands of 21st century, the students are being geared up with the latest in educational technology and innovation. Computer education, language lab and smarts boards are few of the latest inclusions. Infrastructure wise the school has expanded itself with one additional academic building, washroom, auditoriums, playfield.

At present, the School is imparting education to 1,235 students by the relentless efforts of 47 teachers.

Looking back, the history of School has been very rich, which has continued with greater enhancement in the present and will enrich itself in the future.


“Cultivation of the moral personality of the students along with their intellectual, physical and spiritual development to perfection is the goal before the convent schools”


Sr. NoDirectors NameYear
1Rev. Fr. Thomas Pullatt1992
2Rev. Fr. Thomas Keeparath1992-1996
3Rev. Fr. Thomas Kolenchery1997-2002
4Rev. Fr. Wilson Peter2002-2008
5Rev. Fr. Joseph Kanjirakatt2008-2012
6Rev. Fr. Joseph Chirapparayl2012-2014
7Rev. Fr. Paul2014-


Sr. NoPrincipals NameYear
1Rev. Sr. Tresa Mary CSN1992-1994
2Rev. Sr. Jaya CSN1994-2009
3Rev. Sr. Avila CSN2009-2012
4Rev. Sr. Jasmine CSN2012-2017
5Rev Sr. Anslet CSN2017
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