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An important Aspect of the physiognomy of St. Francis Convent Senior Secondary School (SFCS) is the variety of activities organized for the formation and the education f the children. The innumerable activities conducted throughout the year add spice to the school life and take away boredom. To this effect school has well furnished indoor auditorium with the seating capacity of 1500 students and is equipped with modern facilities.



The co-circular activities at SFCS include :-
Organization of school assembly.
Preparation of Notice Board.
Patriotic and solo Singing competition .
Punjabi and English Elocution.
Science art and crafts Exhibition .
Drawing and Painting.
Story Telling .
Extempore speech.
Music Band .
Folk dance and Debate .
Football coaching and tournaments .
Volleyball coaching and tournaments.
Basketball coaching and tournaments .
Kho – Kho Coaching .
Inter House Bonanza .


Strategic planning for the Future Orientation .
Programme/ Seminar for students .
Staff Animation Programmes .
Teacher’s in service training programmes.
Project work for young scientist .
Reach out programme for poor children .
Educational Tours .
Patron Feast Children’s Day Celebration .
Teacher’s Day Celebrations .
Celebration of the day of National importance .
Zonal, Regional and National level Competitions.


The school is run on the line of the House System. There are four Houses, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Students are distributed in the four houses at the commencement of the academic year. House leaders and captions, distinguished from others by their badges appointed to assist the Principal and the staff in the efficient running of the school. They are selected in the beginning of the academic year on the basis of application, all around proficiency and qualities of health and leadership though a process of nomination and election.


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