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St. Francis of Assisi, the Heavenly patron of our school can be placed in the world of today as the prototype of the modern man and women, sallying forth from his or her anguish and isolation to renew the discourse with nature, with human beings and with God.
One of the chief characteristics of St. Francis of Assisi was his love for the nature, his oneness with every being even with being like plants, birds, fish etc. He was completely captured by the beauty and serenity of the entire God’s creation.
If you see photo or statue of St. Francis of Assisi, then you will notice the “Stigmata” (the appearance of five wounds of Christ on his feet, hands and side), a special and unique gift from his Lord and savior – Jesus Christ. Is it a reward God gave him for his changed and dedicated life? Yes!
Can you imagine than the St. Francis whom we see today so austere and prayerful, was the same boy in the year 1181 as a son of a rich prosperous textile merchant of Assisi in Italy? Can you think of this Francis as a young man who took part actively in the city commercial, political and social life? There is lot of difference between St. Francis then and now.
The turning point in his life came in year 1202, when a war broke out between Assisi and Ferugia. Francis was taken as a war captive and was in jail for one year. The suffering during the war, the pain and hardship of life in the prison forced Francis to think about the real meaning and purpose of life and that changed his whole life. A young man given up to penance. He adopted absolute poverty as his ideal and patterned his life of prayer on the Mount Alvernia near Florence the “Stigmata” (the five wounds of Jesus Christ) appeared on this body.
This saint whom we have as our patron is the same Francis whose love for the nature became so intense that he was able to speak to all living beings. He would address birds as sister birds and, tigers as brother tiger, line as brother lion. It is said that he was able to talk the wild animals and in turn they never attacked him but would come and listen to his words.
At this time of population, communal tensions, lack of love for the nature, degradation of human value etc. it is appropriates that we take this grate Saint as our patron and try to inculcate his love for the nature, concern and respect for other etc. in our wards and in all those who come in contact with us and thus make this world a better place for all to live in peace and harmony. With this ideal in our minds let us go forward and pray with our patron.



St. Francis Convent Senior Secondary School, Dera Baba Nanak is a recognized minority educational institution enjoying all the rights and privileges guaranteed under article 29 and 30 of the constitution of India. This school is an English medium school founded under the aegis of the Diocese of Jalandhar, a registered religious and charitable society, and was established in the year 1992. There are classes from Nursery to 10th and is run and administered by the Diocese of Jalandhar and managed by the congregation of Sisters of Nazareth (C.S.N). This school prepares students for the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) New Delhi. It has every facility to compete with the demands of modern times. The school management is committed to the cause of education as a mission of Christ, the Divine Teacher.


This school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, Local examination syndicate with the assistance of Inter – state for Anglo Indian School Certificate Examination in 1985. In 1973 the Government of India recognized the Council as a Body to conduct public examinations in India. Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) is recognized by all the Educational Boards in the country, and most f those overseas.


The medium of instruction is English and the method of study is on accordance with the scheme laid down by the Council for the Primary, Secondary and the Higher Secondary stages approved by the council. Special importance is given to English, including spoken English, for language are thought from Pre – Primary level with priority.
The medium of instruction is English and pupils are prepared for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination taken at the end of the X class (I.S.C.E)

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